Tray Handling System THS-750

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Tray Handling System THS-750

The Tray Handling is designed for automatic loading or unloading of racks. Danmatic’s Tray Handling System is one of the fastest and strongest systems in the market. The system automatically handles up to 750 trays per hour.

One of the major advantages of the THS-750 is that it lifts up the rack from the floor and into the robot. This ensures great precision and gentle handling of your equipment.


  • Servo controlled stacking unit for quick and exact tray handling
  • Central control with touch panel


  • Index for conveyor for trays
  • Storage for three extra racks to ensure a steadier production
  • Tray feeder
  • Modem for online service
  • With a Danmatic Retraction Unit it is possible to place the products directly on the trays before entering the THS-750
  • Tray cleaner can be built into the line


  • Capacity ranging up to 750 trays/h
  • Manufactured in stainless steel and food approved materials


Danmatic Tray Handling System THS-750. Automatic Unloading and Loading of racks.
Danmatic Trayhandling System THS-250 THS-750 Loader
Danmatic Tray Handling System THS-750 fixation of rack
Danmatic Tray Handling System THS-750 Servo ddriven fixture