Tray Handling System THS-250

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Tray Handling System THS-250

The Tray Handling System is designed for automatic loading and unloading of racks.

THS-250 is a compact system consisting of:
Loader/unloader all in one and a Double Conveyor with elevator.

The rack is fixated to ensure the correct position in relation to the tray handling robot.

The system automatically handles up to 250 trays per hour.


  • Servo controlled stacking unit for quick and exact tray handling
  • Central control with touch panel


  • Single Conveyor instead of Double Conveyor System
  • Automatic Rack feeding system
  • Modem for online service
  • With a Danmatic Retraction Unit it is possible to place the products directly onto the trays before these are returned into the rack
  • Tray Handling System THS-250 can, with advantage, be combined with a Depanner, placed above the Double Conveyor System. After depanning the empty trays are returned into the rack


  • Capacity ranging up to 250 trays/h
  • Manufactured in stainless steel and food approved materials


Danmatic Trayhandling System THS-250 for Unloading og Loading
Danmatic Trayhandling System THS-250. Unloading and Loading
Danmatic Trayhandling System THS-250 THS-750 Loader
Danmatic Trayhandling System THS-250 tool