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Pan Greasing – Oil Spray System

Danmatic’s Oil Spray System is a highly efficient system for pan greasing, to secure the products being released smoothly after baking.

Spraying is performed without atomized air by PulsaJet® Automatic Spray Nozzles, which offer adjustable high speed pulsing up to 5.000 cycles per minute.

To ensure a clean and healthy environment the liquid is supplied from an integrated pressurised double vessel system directly to the spray guns.

Moreover the spray nozzles are mounted in a stainless steel cabinet, and even the conveyor is designed as a tunnel directing the airflow into the oil mist collectors.

The Oil Spray System is equipped with two oil mist collectors. One close to the spray nozzles to minimize oil mist inside the unit, and one at the outfeed of the tunnel conveyor to minimize oil mist coming from warm straps.

The oil mist is retained in the “Filtermist” units and lead to the hinged tray underneath the conveyor.


  • Clean environment around the machine
  • Pressurised liquid to spray nozzles, no atomized air
  • “Filtermist” unit close to spray nozzles
  • ”Filtermist” unit at the end of the tunnel conveyor


  • ”Filtermist” unit in painted or stainless steel execution
  • Top cover for infeed conveyor
  • Adjustable side guides for straps


  • Air pressure required, minimum 6 bar
  • Double vessel system with level control
  • Belt speed according to customer request
  • Width dependent on the width of the straps
  • Standard length 4.000 mm dependent on the length of the straps, though minimum 3.000 mm
  • Manufactured in strainless steel and food approved materials
  • Touch panel with 7″ colour screen
  • Electrical control in seperate cabinet on top of the unit


Danmatic Pan greasing, Oil Spray Unit
Danmatic Pan greasing, Oil Spray
Danmatic Pan Greasing
Danmatic Pan Greasing nozzle