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Drilling and Bagging of French Hotdog baguettes


Danmatic’s Drilling machine is the best choice when it comes to processing and packing of French Hotdog baguettes.

We have more than 20 years of experience in this field. and are today the leading supplier of processing equipment for handling, shortening and drilling of baguettes. We also provide various automatic packaging solutions for the finished product.

The process starts after freezing, where we either semi- or fully automatic load the baguettes into a special designed pocket conveyor. The baguettes are hereafter shortened and drilled in a fully automatic process and carried in measured portions to the packaging equipment.

Waste from the process is collected and transported from the line, for further processing


  • Can be integrated into existing lines
  • Maintenance reduced to a minimum
  • The equipment is designed for production 24/7
  • More than 20 years of experience are integrated into the equipment


  • Automatic handling
  • Packing solutions for both retail as well as catering markets


  • Capacities from 3.000 up to 24.000 pcs/h
  • Delivered with proprietary cutting saw and servo controlled drilling equipment
  • Manufactured in stainless steel an food approved materials


Drilled baguette, French Hotdog
Danmatic Infeed conveyor for drilling and bagging line for French Hotdogs drilled bageuttes
Danmatic Drilling machine for French Hotdogs Drilled baguettes detail
Danmatic cross cutting sav for Drilling machine for French Hotdogs
Drilling of French Hotgods drilled baguettes by Danmatic Drilling machine
Drilling and bagging of French Hotdogs, drilled baguettes