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Retraction Unit

Danmatic’s Retraction Unit is designed for precise and gentle deposition of dough piece products onto for example straps or a conveyor.

For years Danmatic has manufactured two of the strongest Retraction Units in the market.

  • A Compact version that fits the retraction length of maximal 2.000 mm and up to 900 mm conveyor width
  • An Industrial version with retraction length up to 4.000 mm and 1.500 mm conveyor width

Both models are recognized by their compact design, short built-in measurements and by high quality stainless steel materials.

Both models are delivered with their own PLC-control system as well as an adjustable conveyor belt speed control.

Both models have a tiltable nose as well as a knife edge of 16 mm to obtain the best possible precision at each retraction.

Both models are equipped with a servo motor for a precise individual retraction


  • Little space required
  • User friendly
  • Quick product replacement

In addition to our own manufactured Retraction Units, we also supply Retraction Units from other leading manufacturers in the field.


Danmatic Retraction Unit
Danmatic Retraction Unit Compact Model
Danmatic Retraction Unit Industrail Model for retracting products onto trays sheets peelboards or conveyors