Seeding Unit DU300-1300

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Seeding Unit DU300-1300


Danmatic’s Seeding Unit DU300-1300 is a complete Stand Alone Unit for decoration, including automatic hopper filling. It is specially designed for gentle handling of topping such as: Sesame, poppy seeds and more.

The seeding hopper is a separate unit and can easily be replaced when changing toppings. A flex-coupling on the backside will ensure a quick replacement of the hopper without the use of tools. Replacing the hopper takes less than a minute.

The vacuum conveyor automatically refills the seeding hopper.


  • Useable for most types of toppings
  • Very gentle handling of the toppings
  • Exchangeable seeding hopper
  • Seeding hopper with adjustable seeding width
  • Is delivered with 4 extra screens for different types of toppings
  • Quick replacement of the seeding hopper
  • Quick disassembly without the use of tools


  • Extra seeding hoppers
  • Different type of brush suitable for different type of topping
  • Target manifold for extra precision
  • When using toppings that may clog up, an agitator can be fitted in the hopper
  • Automatic product detection; only topping when needed
  • Height adjustable framework
  • Mobile trolley for storage of extra seeding hoppers
  • The best result will be achieved, when combined with Danmatic’s Moistening Roller Unit / Décor Unit VV for moisturizing the products


  • Available in seeding width from 300 to 1300 mm
  • Mobile unit operated via its own PLC-control
  • Manufactured in stainless steel and food approved materials
  • The vacuum conveyor is ATEX approved


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