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Décor Unit 700-1500


Danmatic’s Décor Unit 700-1500 is a modular system designed for decoration of freestanding bread, buns, rollers, Kaiser Simler and full dough sheet products.

The Décor Unit is build around a two-piece conveyor, on which is mounted a moistening roller system, a seeder and a vibrating conveyor.

The moistening roller system ensures that the liquid is applied only on the products, while the belt stays dry. This gives the possibility to reuse the surplus topping, as this falls onto a vibrating conveyor mounted in the transition between the two belts. The vibrating conveyor transfers the surplus topping sideways away from the line.

Moistening of the products can be done by using different liquid applicators like water, starch combinations, egg and oil. The Décor Unit handles liquids with pH-value between 5 and 9.

The seeding hopper is a separate unit, and can be replaced when changing topping. A Flex-coupling on the backside will ensure a quick replacement of the hopper without the use of tools. Replacing the hopper takes less than a minute.


  • Significant reduction in consumption of toppings
  • Seeder with exchangeable hoppers
  • Seeding hopper with adjustable seeding width
  • Easy to incorporate in existing lines
  • Designed for continuous operation – 24/7
  • All knife edges are tiltable, without the use of tools, to ease the cleaning and maintenance procedure
  • Cleaning reduced to a minimum
  • Clean straps and oven belt


  • Multiple seeders
  • Extra seeding hoppers
  • Automatic refilling system for topping (Vacuum conveyor)
  • Pressing roller
  • Height adjustable framework
  • Mobile storage trolley for extra seeding hoppers


  • Décor Unit 700-1500 is a Stand Alone Unit operated via a touch panel
  • Electrical cabinet build into the conveyor
  • Belt width from 700 up to 1.500 mm
  • Length of Décor Unit: 2.000 mm with one Seeder


Danmatic Decor Unit VV Moistening Unit. For moistening of products while belt stays dry
Danmatic Decor Unit 700-1500 Seeder
Danmatic Decor Unit 700-1500 conveyor transition
Danmatic Automatic filling of seeder