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Automatic filling of topping


Danmatic’s Recirculation System is developed for automatic filling and refilling of toppings.

The vibrating conveyor is to be installed in the transition between the conveyors following the strewer. The vibrating conveyor transfers surplus toppings into the container, from which the vacuum conveyor returns it to the hopper.

The vacuum conveyor is a separate unit to be mounted on top of an existing seeder.


  • Useable for most types of toppings – excluding powder
  • The Vibrating conveyor is equipped with a sieve for discharge of large particles
  • Reuse the surplus topping and dramatically reduce expenses
  • Avoid waste and minimize cleaning as well as maintenance on the production line
  • Avoid heavy lifting


  • A mobile framework for the vacuum conveyor and seeder
  • Available with suction pipe or tender
  • The best result is achieved when combined with Danmatic’s Moistening Roller Unit / Décor Unit VV300-3000, which moisturizes the products


  • The vibration conveyor is available in customized sizes making it easy to fit in many applications
  • The vacuum conveyor is equipped with a side channel blower
  • The vacuum conveyor is available from 500 until 6.000 kg/h
  • Manufactured in stainless steel and food approved materials
  • The vacuum conveyor is ATEX approved


Danmatic Automatic filling of seeder
Danmatic Decor Unit 700-1500 conveyor transition
Danmatic vibrating conveyor
Danmatic Tender with ergonomic bagdump and lid for collection of surplus excess topping and for filling of seeding hopper
Danmatic Automatic filling of seeding hopper. Principle sketch