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GoodMills Innovation

The roots of GoodMills Innovation GmbH go back to the year 1964 and the foundation of the company “Siegerländer Mehlhandel GmbH. This company was renamed “PHÖNIX Backbedarf GmbH” in 1981.

In 1995, “PHÖNIX Backbedarf GmbH” joined with “Interfett GmbH” and shortly afterwards merged with “extruna GmbH” to form the “KAMPFFMEYER Food Innovation GmbH”; a pooling together of much more than three different production facilities. In fact, profitable qualifications and expertise all accumulated together with the merger. Raw material knowledge, a deep understanding of processes and applications were bundled together with the latest technology know-how in grain processing and offered a unique chance for occupying a niche market: The development of innovative grain-based product solutions, compounds and functional specialty flours for both artisan and industrial bakeries.

In December 2014 KAMPFFMEYER Food Innovation GmbH was renamed GoodMills Innovation GmbH. GoodMills Innovation is a joint venture of two competent partners, the GoodMills Group, which is the fourth largest milling company in the world, and Danish ingredients producer and global player Palsgaard A/S.

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