French Hotdog streamer DSC04754
Danmatic Moistening Roller Vandvalse
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Pizza sauce topping




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About Danmatic

Danmatic A/S is a Danish, privately owned company, involved in design, production, sale and service of processing machinery for the Bakery- and Food Industry.
Danmatic’s head office, administration and production facilities are located in Viborg (Jutland). Our sales office is located in Kvistgaard (North of Copenhagen).

To ensure our customers world wide the best possible solution Danmatic can offer the following:

  • Design, production and installation of processing machinery tailor-made to the needs and capabilities of the customer – Turn Key Projects
  • Sale of machinery and equipment from the leading manufacturers in the industry
  • Service and follow-up on new as well as existing equipment – combined with service agreements
  • Advice on relevant product enhancements as well as product- and process optimization
Danmatic Decor Unit 400I for moistening and seeding of products